Blogger Recognition Award

I am so humbled and honored to be nominated by the lovely Brittany from mindbeautysimplicity for this Blogger Recognition Award. Brittany is an amazing blogger om minimalism and is currently participating in Blogmas. Her post Blogmas Day 2: Minimalism Holiday Gift Guide combines the two topics to provide some wonderful tips this holiday season. I am grateful for the opportunity to answer Brittany’s questions and share a little bit more about myself with the blogging world. If you are new to my blog and would like to know more about my delicate and brutal face, click here. 😀

The Rules:

Thank the blogger that nominated you & provide a link to their site.

Do a blog post about this award.

Give a brief summary about how you started your blog.

Give two pieces of advice for any new blogger.

How I Started My Blog:

I started my blog in March 2020 after a lot of encouragement from my husband and friends. I have been told most of my adult life that my life stories and experiences could fill a book! After my life took an unexpected turn due to several life altering medical conditions, I finally decided to start this blog as a creative outlet for sharing my personal and medical experiences with all of you. If you would like to read about my medical conditions, click here.

Two Pieces of Advice I Would Give New Bloggers:

1. Just try! There’s no right or wrong way to blog. You will surprise yourself if you just start somewhere and see where it takes you. Write about whatever feels right or what you know.

2. Don’t aim for perfection. Just do your best and that is good enough! You will stress yourself out and get discouraged if you try to perfect every detail of your blog.

Mindbeautysimplicity’s Questions:

What has been one of your most proudest moments in your blogging journey? Actually starting it! It took me a while to decide to start my blog because I kept telling myself “Who gives a shit about what I have to say?” But I am so glad that I took the plunge because I have received a lot of positive feedback and simultaneously gained a wonderful support community. 😀

What has been something you have had to overcome / learn in the blogging world? Trying to learn about tags has been a challenge for me. Figuring out how many to use, using them effectively, or categorizing them is something that I still am trying to learn.

What’s something that helps you keep going during these pandemic times? I look forward to traveling again one day. The next trip G and I would love to take is to Iceland. I want to swim in the Blue Lagoon, see puffins and whales, and walk on black sand beaches.. I want to explore the waterfalls and volcanoes, see the Midnight Sun, hike across a glacier, and explore the caves. I am hoping my health improves enough and coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted to make a vacation possible. 🙂

What’s your favorite form of self care? A massage! 😊😍 When I can’t get a massage from my favorite massage therapist, I enjoy a long hot shower, eating comfort food, or taking a nap with my kitties.

What is one misconception people have about you? There are people who feel that I have this hard exterior shell that is difficult to break through in order to get to know me. But I am an open book unless you are disrespectful to me or cross a boundry. Then I distance myself from you because I don’t tolerate that shit.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be? Be more patient. Lordy I would get so impatient about EVERY. DAMN. THING. The drive thru line not moving fast enough? Come the fuck on people! My package hasn’t arrived in the mail yet? Jesus where’s my stuff?! My friend said they’ll pick me up at 5pm. It’s 5:05pm. I was ready on time. Why on earth aren’t you here yet? I had zero patience and would get frustrated so easily when things didn’t go as I expected. Now I know it’s not worth getting my panties in a bunch over the small stuff.

Instead of selecting a few bloggers to nominate for this award, I am going to leave this as an open invitation to anyone who would like to share why they started their blog and any advice they would like to share with both new and experienced bloggers. So please feel free to post your story and blogging advice in the comments section or create your own post and I will be happy to read it. 😀 Below are a few of my favorite bloggers I follow. So if you are not familiar with them, please check them out and show them some love!













19 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Congratulations on the nomination! I”m so glad that you decided to take the plunge and start blogging. I really believe that everyone has something to say that matters. ❤

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  2. I love the comment that there is no wrong or right way to blog, and that is important to remember! At the end of the day, blogging can be whatever we want it to be, we can do it for an income or just to express our feelings, it is so flexible!

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  3. Thank you. I love your selfcare picks. We enjoy massages, too. In this side of the world, massages are affordable and one can get spoiled. Congratulations on your nomination and we are really grateful to be blog friends with you.

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  4. Omg thank you for the shout out!!! I’m gonna brag about being at the top of the list too 😏😅
    You’re basically like my twin when it comes to impatience… I too have learnt not to make a big deal of things but was a demon in the beginning! Lovely post You delicate flower 😊

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  5. I love your advice for new bloggers, to just try. I know a lot of people who are too conscious to start blogging for so many excuses and like you said there is no right or wrong way to blog, I think we all started to blog to share our own story and every story is worth sharing. And I’m glad you shared yours Amy. 🤗 Thanks for the shoutout! 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Joana! I am happy to share my story with the world. I agree with you that people can br afraid to just try out of fear of judgement. It’s my pleasure to tell others about your wonderful blog! I am so glad we have connected through blogging !🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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